vCenter 6.5 : #SRM, #NSX, #vSphere Data Protection, #vSphere Replication problems after SSL Change (

As an colleague of mine has already bloged about the Problem were well, I will use his Post and only provide you with an quick Update

vCenter 6.5: #SRM, #vSphere Replication, #NSX problems after SSL change (

Fabian has described the Problem perfectly and also his Solutions works fine on vSphere 6.0 but not on 6.5 the command now musst look like this:

cd /usr/lib/vmidentity/tools/scripts/

python –url https://psc.testdrive.local/lookupservice/sdk –fingerprint 6A:3D:41:79:D0:70:5C:GB:54:F6:51:C9:8A:9A:C6:9E:4A:79:16:BE –certfile /var/tmp/VMCA.crt –user Administrator@vsphere.local –password VMware1!

An still our recommendations DO NOT COPY it type it.





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